Featured writer: Jodie Plant

Throw a clock out of a window and it shall fly, though forever broken
When you leave your time will die, make sure to keep a token.
Of course, you could travel through dimensions,
But did I forget to mention?
What you witness might make you cry.
Hurry! Make sure you don’t waste, it flickers through so fast,
Life’s too short, capture it, don’t let a bitter drop pass.
Freeze forever with a charming flash, embrace on your wrist with a wad of cash.
All this time in the world, not enough hours in a day
Such a minuscule amount you naively consume but no, of course you don’t get a say!
Make sure to treat with care and always be wise,
Or perhaps I’ll decide
Your not worth the time,
And I shall ensure to stop at your door and welcome an early demise.

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