Featured Writer: Sophie Downton

i am no soldier

this you grasped, cultivating warfare within my head

pillow damp  from last night’s shower

you are akin to a mechanic, all dexterity and machine in your demeanor

welding yourself  into the flesh of my eyelids

we are beaten to the bone, frozen in animosity

time roving over grooves and

moving in time to slow rising chests, heart pulsating

battering rain beyond the glass, rapping on pane with

brass knuckles

black stained eye sockets and furrowed brows

your bed hair upturned from unseemly amours

if i could chisel out your thoughts, discern the lightning in your pupils from

the darkness slithering under your lashes

i would wave you a white flag smile and roll up

roll up the covers and encase your corpse from your own storm

how could i hate you more?

extracting label from liquor bottle, a deadly surgeon’s work

stripped down and reduced to a coffee stain on button-down shirts

and this, your scribbled proclamation of love

or my muted rebellion


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