Burning Memories


By Andrew Butcher

The past is burning. Blazing. The flickering lights reflected in my eyes as my memories turn to ash.

I ran, for so long.

Always running.

Always hiding.

Always finding some distraction.

Somewhere. Anywhere.

If you tried to follow my journey from birth to death you’d lose your heart and your mind. All the things I’ve seen and done… Enough to put anyone off of living this long.

Burning. The blaze flicking fire across my eyes. Turning them red. Innocence ruined long ago, corrupted, destroyed.

The fire of the world cackling around me. 

But it was time. I had to watch it all burn before I could leave. I had to stay, I owe the world that much.

For in the end, I cause the fire. My being sparks blazes all over the sky, as the clouds flash red across my eyes. I have to stand and watch it all burn. That is my punishment – this time, I must stick around. Watch the consequences of my being here, the flames dance endlessly across the land, ravaging everything I knew, everything I came to love.

For in the end, I cause the fire.

I want to run away, escape the flames, find somewhere else to hide. But I know that if I do, the flames will spark on the ground around my feet. The sheer pace of my escape will spark the flames.


Feeding on world after world until there’s nothing left.

Nothing. No nature. No water. No life.

Just… me.

Watching it all burn and blaze away as I have to stand and watch because there’s nowhere else to run.

Eventually the fire will consume me. Everything I ever was, everything I ever did.

Gone. In just a moment.

One tiny moment on one tiny corner of reality.

And I will welcome it.

Image: Sourced from Giphy.

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