Featured Writer: Eloise Preston

Closing Time by Eloise Preston


“Who shut the door?” he yelled into the darkness. Fear was creeping up his back; he hated the feeling of unknown. He took a step out into the centre of the corridor hoping he would be able to spot the intruder. Yet the corridor was empty. Just a long line of closed doors.

Another bang. Further away this time at the other end of the corridor. He had watched the door open and slam shut in the distance. Zalin knew better then to shout out this time. He had worked here long enough to know that this was no human action.

“Ok, I know you’re here. Please stop doing that. I mean you no harm.” Zalin stepped cautiously forward, the creak of the floorboards adding to the already tense atmosphere.

Another bang. Right next to him. Zalin jumped back. This was too close for comfort.

“I know what happened to you, I…I understand why you’re angry.” He said in a jittery voice.

“Then help me!” a disembodied sound whispered back.

Zalin’s heart missed a beat. He took a breath in and slowly melted to the floor. The air turned cold as he felt himself losing his grip on his consciousness.

Image: Giphy

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