Featured Writer: Anastasia Wolfe

The featured writer on The Anon Writers this week is Anastasia Wolfe, who blogs about books, and has a passion for authors, publishers, and bookselling. Anastasia is a musician, and has performed at The Anchor, Coburgs, St Georges, and The King Lud on The Isle of Wight. She lives in the countryside, and the land on display makes her feel like a long lost Brontë sister.


These Broken Scattered Things by Anastasia Wolfe
These broken things lay scattered on the floor like a smashed photo of a couple deep in love that got flung on the floor when a voice of agony screamed “We’re done”.The glistening, treacherous tears of a man holding his soul mate’s hand, in a hospital bed, on July the 9th, in the middle of the night, as the darkness caves in on everything known to man, as an owl hoots and the wind slowly rustles the trees as this beautiful life source slowly fades into the middle plane that we like to call limbo.

Did she really mean to say it is over? “Are we really done?” he asks himself as his shoulders cave in from the strain of the short straw he has pulled in the hand of life. The life source drifts through limbo like a tumbleweed in a desert cowboy showdown but the showdown is between Heaven and Hell.

They sift through the life source’s memories like a person flicks through a magazine. The memories fall apart at their fingertips. The day that Susan did a good deed for an elderly lady when she was aged 7. The flowers she laid on her mother’s gravestone aged 11. They watch Susan aged 14 steal anything and everything she could to try and fill the gaping hole where her mother’s love should be.

The memories of 18 year old Susan getting beaten by her father destroyed by the wife that died and the constant drugs he used to fill the gaps that were missing. They see her at 20 as she meets 21 year old Jared in a busy shopping centre. All it takes is a glance. They watch as they bumped into each other almost repetitively until they became a couple and shared their firsts. Until he proposed, in a garden, at summer’s finest, flowers out in bloom. The wind lifting Susan’s hair away from her face as she happily cried at the prospect of a real family.

They stared at each other as their hearts slowly sang their own songs. Susan barely coping with the past that still haunted her and Jared slipping away to a woman whose heart sings the loudest.

They watch as the couple tear each other apart late at night as they drunkenly swear and scream insanities at each other never trying to fix the broken strings falling around them, slowly dropping the broken parts of each other to the floor. As the wind blows the scattered parts away. As the life source stays stuck in limbo neither belonging to Heaven or Hell.

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