Featured Writer: Andrew Butcher

Every week we’re going to feature a new piece by one of The Anon Writers on the site. First up is a brand new piece by Andrew Butcher, a prolific blogger, vlogger, and lyricist. You can check out more of his writing on his blog You Never Know What You’re Going To Get Here, and his YouTube channels BLazinAround & BlazeVsBey.

As a group, we’ve been working together for almost four months now, sharing ideas, writing stories and poems, and making plans for our publication. If you like what you read, and are interested in joining the group, get in touch, as we’re always open to new members!


UN-HOMELY by Andrew Butcher

Without the items, there’d be nothing. Just a space in which I inhabit. A dull, empty space. A dull, dark (even if it’s daytime), empty space. There’d be nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. People often question how I do not feel unsettled not being settled. The answer is of course: with each and every little thing I own – I am settled. Take away the space I inhabit if you wish, but if you take away my blanket, my ornaments, my pictures, my posters, my TV, my games, my mugs, my pillows, my… world. If you take away my world – I am not settled. But my world is not contained within the walls of anywhere, my world transcends these walls. I would not care if I lived in a mud hut, or a tree, or underneath the ground because if I have my things, the little quirks that make my world then I am settled. Then I am home. My home is not a home without the things I own that make that space my home. A home is not a home for me when the things I own cease to be and I am not accompanied by all that I love most. My teddies, my photos, my memories all contained in what I own. I am not a hoarder (or maybe I am but I just don’t want to admit it), I am a collector. A collector of memories, a collector of life, to remind me when I’m feeling strife that everything I own is me, and with that my world continues to be. A space is dead to me, when it’s empty and lifeless. When you take a space and make it your own you conduct a contract with that home to make it an extension of you, so you’ll always feel comfortable, even when doing a number two. I am only proud of the space I have created when that space is filled with my life. All of things I’ve seen and done, the people who made those things fun. To be un-homely is to be lonely. If you don’t fill that space with your life it is simply a space you inhabit, but not one in which you truly live, not one in which you truly exist. People say the places you live are extensions of yourself, whether you like it or not. So surely if that space is plain and dull then there’s a poor soul who hasn’t truly lived. Someone who just exists, but does not create, someone to which you cannot relate. An empty space is a void devoid of life. Somewhere you could get lost in the whiteness of the walls but not the colour that surrounds it.

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