Where Did Hip-Hop Come From?

By Nick Holden

These streets were not paved with gold
Crude arms and broken bones
were our guardian lions
of a rugged concrete jungle,
where gangs take lives like gold chains,
and cops take rights from
a people denied of such.

But it’s ’75,
and Howl of James Brown and funky
rhymes of the soul
fill the ears,
plug up 9mm’s,
blunt knuckle dusters,
and melt down whole rounds
with the heat of
intelligent words
into mic.
While in Brooklyn summer days,
warlords disperse,
for there’s a Universal
Zulu nation
on the rise
bringing Native Africa
to the people, while
of fists pumped
to polluted New York skies–
a whirlwind of
Black Panther jackets,
fill these streets,
and black men
and black women are
calling for a revolution.

It’s late 1989,
and these blocks
echo with the
voices of
the many,
an anthem
heard by
every broker
and pawn shop owner,
every junkie, cop and
gang leader,
those words,
“Fight The Power!”
A Fight to freely
exercise the power
of intellectual Mind
manifest into Word.

Image: Giphy

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