Poem In Which Naps Are Essential

By Lorna Brownsword

I look at you and you wink at me. Your soft arms call for me to envelope myself in your cushiony embrace. I resist. Work worries. Turning my back on you has never worked before but still I try. I can feel your hot stare at my back. Can feel your comforting arms around me, like a phantom limb.
You are mine.
My essential.
Try as I might I let you claim me, slowly, seeping into my headspace. You, so like a lover, have conquered me. My body gives in to your demands but my head screams and the computer screen reaches out with its golden cord of light, clutching at me and begging. But I hear none of it. It’s there, huddled in the corner crying.
But you have claimed me.
My essential.
The heaviness drags my head down. Sweet words whispered in to my ear like a secret.
You are mine.
My essential.
Over and over.
You are mine.
It’s all I can hear.
My essential.

Image: Giphy 

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