Life Support

By Noah McAllister

Life Support.
Did you know that you saved my life?
Based on the fact we don’t talk all that much
I guessed not
How? You ask
I don’t know
I can’ begin to understand
All I know is that to me
You are as important as the air that fills my lungs
And when I am mid panic
Gasping for air
You are my sedative
My real life serotonin booster,
If you will
Does it hurt? You ask
I reply with Does what hurt?
Knowing full well what you meant
As this isn’t a real conversation
But a figment of my imagination
The answer: Yes.
The fact you probably don’t know I exist hurts
Though, that’s okay
For I hold onto our moments
That you probably didn’t know existed
As, though yes, there are days
In which I struggle to get out of bed
And yes, there are days when
I struggle to see the point
As well, in the grand scheme of things
We are all insignificant
Yet I find salvation in the fact I may see you
And that I may be significant to you
For that keeps me going day in day out
And the fact I may hear your voice
Your ever so perfect voice
Which, on days when I feel
As if the world is trying to open up and swallow me
Or I feel as if I am drowning in sorrow
Manages to hold me up
Like a metaphorical pool noodle
As, you kay not realise
But I love you
I will always love you
And the possibility
No matter how slim the chances
That you may love me
Well, it drives me insane
Yet it keeps me level all at the same time
For, though yes, you cause me pain
And yes, you probably don’t feel the same
You, my dear
My one love
Are well,
You are my life support.

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